Looking for a Fast & Affordable HVAC Contractor?

Air Conditioning Repair & General HVAC Services in Summerville, SC & the Charleston Area

Does your Summerville, SC home feel like a sauna in the summer or an ice box in the winter? You may think you've done all you can to fix your air conditioner or furnace, but you haven't called HVAC Guy SC, LLC. We specialize in HVAC repair, so you can avoid wasting money on a premature HVAC replacement.

You can count on us to...

  • Troubleshoot your heating or cooling issues
  • Repair or replace your AC unit, furnace or heat pump components
  • Change your air filters to improve your air quality

We'll take a look at your unit to find out what's wrong. Once we pinpoint the issue, we'll give you a free HVAC repair estimate. Contact HVAC Guy SC to get in touch with a member of our team.

Have a hard time keeping up with your HVAC maintenance?

Have a hard time keeping up with your HVAC maintenance?

We offer HVAC maintenance service contracts to Summerville, SC-area residents. We'll check on your AC unit, furnace and heat pump in the spring and fall. That way, you won't have to worry about your system failing in the summer or winter.

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